Group Fitness Classes in Park City, Utah

Group Fitness in Park City

train in a group with the feel of 1 on 1

Group Classes
Group Classes

PC Fit Group Classes

These group classes welcome the beginner to advanced or elite athlete. The variety in movements, time domains, loading, and repetitions throughout the weeks and months will give attendees a large, well rounded, base of fitness. Each class is run the same throughout the day and will include the following:

  • General Warm Up
  • Specific Warm Up & Instruction of Movements
  • Customized Options & Review of Programmed Workout
  • Coaching During the Workout to Ensure Safety and the Proper Intensity
  • Cool Down & Accessory Work
  • We do require sign ups for our classes but currently do not cap any of our classes.  Class sizes can vary from 8-25 depending on the day and class time.

PC Fit Elevated

Elevated provides you with exactly what YOU need for your workout in the group class setting. We start by assigning you a coach and completing a comprehensive assessment and goal setting session to know exactly what YOU want and need.

Each week you are provided with custom programming based off of the class workouts to help you meet your specific needs and goals more effectively and quickly.

Weekly check-ins keep you and your coach on the same page and help us understand how to program best for you.

Access your programming in an app with linked videos, a messaging platform with your coach, and the option to post any videos should you want additional feedback on your training.

Elevated keeps the FUN and ENERGY of a group class with a CUSTOM approach.

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Conveniently Located at Quinns Junction, 3.5 miles from Old Town and 5 miles from KimballJunction

4108 N Forestdale Dr, Park City, UT 84098, United States

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Park City Fit is located and easily accessible from all of Park City.

Fitness IS Adventure and all are welcome. Join us to experience the difference.