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fitness is forever. adventure is daily.

​​Train in the gym. Thrive in the outdoors. Get strong, resilient, and ridiculously fit for the adventures you love. Designed by Chris Spealler.

all your training planned for you

You’ll never have to figure out what workout to do again. Every workout is clear, guided, and built for purpose.

Programmed workouts contain everything you need to help you prepare for today's training. View movement demos, workout briefs, athlete instructions, coaches notes (for coaches), and previous scores. Designed by CrossFit Games athlete and adventure nut, Chris Spealler, and Park City Fit.


Never worked out like this before? No problem. Each workout comes with instructions and movement videos so you're good to go from day one.

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Take your workout with you wherever you go. Download the SugarWOD app and your training is ready to go. Prefer BTWB? Go here.



We've created the ultimate guide to training for adventure. Learn how to assess yourself, autoregulate workouts on a daily basis, and make the most out of our programming for your specific needs.


we're in this together

You might be doing the workouts alone, but you're actually part of our tribe of adventure lovers. You'll be invited to join our Facebook group and join our thriving, supportive community.

everything you need to reach your peak

training delivered to your phone

never worry about what to do in the gym

3 variations of every workout

video instructions for all movements

suitable for all gyms, big & small

you're in good (calloused) hands

We believe that fitness can be forever, and adventure can be daily. And we've made it our mission to create a ridiculously good training experience to deliver it to you.

And you know what? It seems to be working. Our people train in CrossFit boxes, globo gyms, garages, and their backyards. It doesn't matter where you are or how much equipment you have, there's always a way to get the work done.

Your training is designed by Chris Spealler, CrossFit Games athlete, mountain biker, trail runner, dirt biker, bushwacker, rock climber, you get the idea. Chris lives for the outdoors and has owned a gym for over 16 years. This is how he trains people for adventure. And you're invited.
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Fitness IS Adventure and all are welcome. Join us to experience the difference.